Tootkoo was founded by KEMAL CEM TÜKEL MARINE TURIZM people who have been competetive rowers and have a passion for the sea environment. This experience infuses every millimeter of our designs. The idea was to develop streamlined seaworthy boats that feel and perform like conventional racing shells.

Tootkoo extensively tests each design before production begins. If a prototype does not match our exacting standards for seaworthiness, ruggedness and functionality we refine and redesign.

Therefore, our boats can be used and enjoyed by rowers of all levels, in sea conditions. Because the sea can be unpredictable the boats must be stable, responsive and have excellent directional stability. We have accomplished this with the Tootkoo line.

Tootkoo boats have been manufactured through a rotomolded process which offers excellent value to our customers without sacrificing safety, quality or performance. It enables Tootkoo boats to be cost friendly. The rotomolded polyethylene hull and design of the rigging make the Tootkoo polyethylene line virtually maintenance free, allowing more time for the enjoyment of the rowing experience.

When you chose our polyethylene or composite boats, you will have peace of mind that your boats are manufactured from the best raw materials by a world leading manufacturer.

Tootkoo is dedicated to exellance and customer satisfaction.

"Through a Tootkoo, we will be able to share our passion for rowing with you."


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